NANDALAL GHOSH B T COLLEGE (ESTD. 1968) A West Bengal Govt. Aided Teacher Training College

Recognized by NCTE and Affiliated to Baba Saheb Ambedkar Education University (BSAEU)
(Erstwhile The West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration)

Activities (Workshop)


With a view  to combat the dangerous and deadly disease Dengue, the students , teachers and staff on behalf of Nandalal  Ghosh B.T. College, Panpur, North 24 Parganas organized a dengue prevention awareness Programme/ campaign in nearby schools and rural community on 23.09.2023. The campaign aimed at preventing water stagnation and removing mosquito breathing grounds . This campaign also aimed to encourage the students, people of the local area and created a social awareness for healthy and safe life.  The most effective way to get rid of Dengue viruses is to make the children and adults aware about the causes of spreading dengue .It spreads through bites of mosquito( aedes species).Usually adese species dengue misquotes breed on stalked water and usually bites in daytime. The children exposed to un cleaned area are prone to be attacked by aedes mosquitoes and by this attack person suffers from dengue. Now, In West Bengal Dengue is spreading like anything and people are dying of dengue. At this juncture Students and Staff of the Nandalal ghosh B T College (NGBTC), panpur, with the cooperation of Kautiya Gram Panchayat organized Dengue Awareness Campaigning in three Primary Schools of Panpur, North 24 Parganas and nearby Localities. The schools are 1.Makhanlal F.P School  2. Katyayani Mahabir Shakti – Samiti free primary School and 3. Abhirampur Primary School. In the awareness programme parents were invited to attend the programme. The posters and flexes showing details causes and precaution from dengue were displayed to the children and adults. The Students of NGBT C also deliver their speeches onand about Dengue and make children understand to how they will be take precaution from dengue mosquito bytes. Parents were also convinced to take care of the cleaning of their locality and taking care of their children. The Programme ends with distribution of some sweets chocolates to the students teachers of that schools. The Programme was successful with the help of Panchayat Pradhan, Head Masters and Teachers of the selected schools.